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May 03, 2006: is happy to offer to its visitors a free Wordpress blog...

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Remember! You have to write something in your blog within 3 days, else your blog will be automatically cancelled.

Here you can find some answers to the FAQ

What is the service you offer?
We offer you to be the host of your Wordpress blog. When you signup, a personal version of Wordpress 2.0.1 (the world leader blog sotfware) is installed for you.. You don't have to worry about databases, patches, permissions, file settings ect, we've already arranged everything for you. When the setup is complete you can simply login into your Wordpress admin panel and start to blog.

When will my blog be fully active?
The activation is instant, remember that the subdomain can take up to several hours to work properly.

What are the other features that you offer? Is it everything for free or is there something to pay?
Everything that we offer is for free. When you signup you're not only getting a plain version of Wordpress, but you also receive a free subdomain ( Wordpress is enhanced with 3 powerfull plugins, a WYSIWYG editor, so formatting your posts will be really easy. You have everything that you need for 0$!!!

Can I make my blog more personal? How?
Your blog comes with 15 wonderful themes. Each one can be easily modified by every user, using CSS and uploading your own pictures you can 100% transform the layout of your blog. Everybody can do it.

Can I add pictures?
Yes, you can, everything has been already settled up for you, included a folder without any space limit. The limit of each image is instead 150 kb, but there is no limit to the number of images that you can host. You can upload the pictures directly from the post page, and a graphical interface will guide it throgh the upload and insert. A gallery preview is also included. What do you want more?

What about SEO (Search Engines Optimization)?
We care that Google and the other SE can easily spider your blog, so the SE friendly URL are part of our default installation. You don't have to set anything. You can choose between 3 different kind of URLs.

Is there any limit of content to my blog? And what about Adult content/images?
Yes, you can blog about everything. The limits are given by our Host and by Google Adsense and are: no porn, no gambling, no medical rx. For all other topics: you are welcome. We have 2 enemies: child porn and exaltation of hate: we will report every abuse of this kind to the authorities.